AI in Insurance: Unlocking the Potential


Join our co-hosted webinar with Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe (AND-E) to explore how insurers are utilising the latest AI developments to transform their businesses for success in the digital age.


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According to the International Data Corporation, investments in cognitive and AI systems are expected to save auto, property, life and health insurers almost £1.3 billion in the coming years. From helping predict customer needs to detecting fraud in real-time and predicting claims values, AI is powering insurers along the entire insurance value chain.


How can insurers make the fundamental organisational changes, helping them make the most out of AI? How might they balance the need to do it cautiously, with high levels of oversight to ensure that their customers, regulators, and everyone in their business can trust it to work responsibly? 


In this webinar we will explore how forward-thinking insurers, like AND-E are creating collaborative, data-driven cultures to unlock the greatest potential for AI and enhance their relationship with customers.


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  • How to unlock the full potential of AI to drive a company’s digital transformation
  • Why the ethical and responsible use of AI is a must-have in industries like insurance where decisions made by AI affect real people’s lives and outcomes
  • New opportunities for growth and monetisation through emerging use cases, demonstrated by AND-E leaders with examples from fraud investigation, pricing, and driving behaviour


Join us for this 45-minute webinar and learn how to power up your business and teams using the latest AI. Get up to speed on the ROI and successes leading insurers like AND-E are achieving today.

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Creating a future where AI and humans work together to solve the world's most important problems.


Mind Foundry is an artificial intelligence company operating at the intersection of research, innovation, and usability to empower teams with AI that is built for humans.

We have developed a Collaborative AI platform that is trusted by experts, yet easy enough to be used by anyone in your organisation.

Our customers apply machine learning to solve real-world problems across every sector including financial services, life sciences, and engineering.

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Incredible technology

Technology You Can Trust

Our AI solutions are powered by 30+ years of research from some of the greatest minds in AI and Machine Learning.

Powerful AI platform

Collaborative AI

Our AI platform helps you make better decisions and gain insights that can be used to power digital transformations at every level.

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Commitment to Innovation

We work with companies, universities and governments on unique engagements that further the field of Machine Learning.

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Warren Hetz, UK CEO

Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe

As Chief Executive Officer of AND-E, Warren is well-versed in the world of insurance. He qualified as an Actuary in 2009 and has worked in the motor insurance industry for 16 years across multiple disciplines and international markets. As CEO, Warren has led investments in innovation, people and efficiency while positioning AND-E as a leader in telematics and connected mobility protection.

Brain head shot

Brian Mullins, CEO

Mind Foundry

Brian has been at the forefront of how technology can positively change people’s lives throughout his career. Brian has over a decade of experience in high-growth technology companies across industries such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Robotics. Brian has been awarded over 100 patents, received an Edison award for Industrial Design and was named one of Goldman Sachs ‘100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs’.

Nika Head shot

Nika Lee, UK Chief Underwriting Officer

Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe

Since joining AND-E in 2015 in a R&D role within the Actuarial department, Nika has held numerous roles in Actuarial, Pricing, and Analytics before becoming UK Chief Underwriting Officer. Her career began in 2006, joining one of the largest international insurers, upon qualifying as an Actuary; since then, Nika has acquired over 15 years of experience across multiple disciplines and territories, giving her the expertise and commercial astuteness required to build innovation into the mobility space.

Jo head shot

Jo Crown, Product Director

Mind Foundry

Jo is a technology strategist with experience in building cutting-edge computational technologies and bringing them to market. Before her role at Mind Foundry, she headed the Strategic Initiatives Group at Wolfram Research. Jo is passionate about future technology and uses her strategic consulting experience to connect innovative AI products and tech to new customers and use cases. Her deep understanding of complex scientific processes combined with her ability to tell a clear, simple story helps us all to see the forest for the trees.

First Principles Transparency

Insurance is a highly regulated market, and as such, your decisions must be interpretable and justifiable. Your customers deserve to understand your decision process, and they will thank you for it. Let us transform your business with a fully transparent AI system that speaks your language.

Human AI Collaboration

Your domain expertise is vital, and without it we won’t solve your problems. Our AI engine works alongside your pricing managers, claim handlers, underwriting operatives and their teams to scale their performance and deliver immense time and cost savings.

Continuous Meta-learning

Your competitors are after the same customers as you. Maybe your existing models are outdated and difficult to replace. Mind Foundry's Platform continuously learns from data, detecting drift and reacting to market changes as needed. You’ll never need to replace a model again.

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