Towards data-driven health and safety strategies in construction sites

In this webinar, DSP, Multiplex and Mind Foundry bring together an interdisciplinary perspective into how AI will shape the future of health and safety in construction sites.

AI is a core component of the generational shift in industry. How will it impact health and safety in construction sites? Join us for this webinar as we showcase how the Discovering Safety Programme is pioneering forward-thinking AI initiatives, and discuss what lies ahead in the future of health and safety in the construction sector.

The Discovery Safety Programme (DSP) has the primary aim to bring about step change improvements in global health and safety challenges through the application of advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence. Machine Learning and other AI methods promise to further decrease the number of incidents in construction sites, which has plateaued in recent years.

In the first part of the session, DSP and Mind Foundry will delve into a collaboration they undertook alongside other partners to build Machine Learning models and uncover meaningful insights from construction site data. In the second part, DSP and Multiplex discuss the challenges that lie ahead for construction companies to successfully increase health and safety in project sites through artificial intelligence.


About the speakers:
Steve Naylor | Discovering Safety Programme

Technical Lead


Stephen Smith | Multiplex

Executive Director SHEQ – Europe, Middle East, Canada


Dr Davide Zilli | Mind Foundry

Director of Customer Success


DSP Multiplex Circles2


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Mind Foundry and the Discovering Safety Programme recently collaborated on a report exploring how AI could be used to save lives on construction sites.