Artificial Intelligence in the public sector: an insight into the thoughts, trends and drivers in transformation through deep technology.

AI is the fastest growing technology in the world, and it is already impacting how public services are delivered, defining the efficiency,
resiliency, and seamless user experience of the future.

To gain an insight into the thoughts, trends and drivers in transformation through deep technology, we launched research, centred on the transformative power of AI. Our objective is to further understand to how AI is being perceived in the public sector and to what extent its opportunities are being harnessed in activity and strategy.

The research generated hard data from 300+ organisations across the public sector with truly fascinating results; it sparks essential conversation on what is happening right now, what the future will hold for AI in the public sector, and the proficiency of public services.


To ensure a deep insight into how AI technologies are understood and implemented across the public sector, and the challenges that may present themselves on the road ahead, the survey considered the following main areas of focus:

  • How organisations are incorporating AI into their business strategy, and with what outcomes – what is working, what isn’t?  

  • The depth of knowledge of AI and automation within public sector teams  

  • The impact AI has on paving public sector culture and its intentions for the future  

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Creating a future where AI and humans work together to solve the world's most important problems.


Mind Foundry is an artificial intelligence company operating at the intersection of research, innovation, and usability to empower teams with AI that is built for humans.

We have developed a Collaborative AI platform that is trusted by experts, yet easy enough to be used by anyone in your organisation.

Our customers apply machine learning to solve real-world problems across every sector including financial services, life sciences, and engineering.

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Our AI platform helps you make better decisions and gain insights that can be used to power digital transformations at every level.

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Commitment to Innovation

We work with companies, universities and governments on unique engagements that further the field of Machine Learning.

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Some key findings include:

  • 51% of organisations have updated their digital strategies within the last 12 months.

  • 47% of respondents understand “just enough” about their AI systems.

  • 72% of respondents wish their organisation had training capability around the use of AI.

  • Plus more statistics, thought-leadership analysis and conclusions.

First Principles Transparency

Insurance is a highly regulated market, and as such, your decisions must be interpretable and justifiable. Your customers deserve to understand your decision process, and they will thank you for it. Let us transform your business with a fully transparent AI system that speaks your language.

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Your domain expertise is vital, and without it we won’t solve your problems. Our AI engine works alongside your pricing managers, claim handlers, underwriting operatives and their teams to scale their performance and deliver immense time and cost savings.

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Your competitors are after the same customers as you. Maybe your existing models are outdated and difficult to replace. Mind Foundry's Platform continuously learns from data, detecting drift and reacting to market changes as needed. You’ll never need to replace a model again.

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