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Machine Learning for Business Process Automation

Extend your people and the tools you've already invested in, with the power of machine learning.



If you have a business process that is repetitive and involves a series of steps, then you’re probably exploring process automation.

But automation is harder than it sounds.

How can you build an efficient solution and avoid being landed with a complex and fragile system that is a burden to manage?

Using real-world examples from banking and customer service, find out how to take your business process automation to the next level with machine learning. See what can be done when you harness the power of your data and Machine Learning to take you beyond what’s possible with Robotic Process Automation.

In this webinar, Mind Foundry Product Owners Madeleine Neil Smith and Alistair Garfoot walk you through:

  • process automation for compliance
  • process automation for CRM
  • using machine learning to overcome the pain points of robotic process automation
  • the science that allows AI models to continuously improve
  • how Mind Foundry's tools can help you automate business processes without being an expert in data science

Can't watch the video right now? You can view the presentation slides below and read the transcription here.

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