Getting started with machine learning


A beginner's guide to understanding the basics of machine learning and how to use it to transform your business when decisions matter the most.



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Machine Learning is a field which studies data driven algorithms. Algorithms outline a set of steps that a human or machine should follow in order to perform a task. Well known examples include calculations such as long division, or cooking recipes.

For these simple algorithms the steps have been predefined, and are entirely static. ML algorithms are designed to independently construct their own steps after being given a number of examples. They do this by discovering and leveraging relationships and structure in the examples provided, which we usually refer to collectively as data.

When applied correctly in business, machine learning can help you access the predictive power of your data, giving you more useful, applicable insights that can improve processes, guide decisions and more.




What you'll learn in this guide

  • Understand how machine learning algorithms work
  • Define types of machine learning models
  • Delve into problems machine learning solve
  • See some of the practical applications of machine learning in business

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