The Intuitions
With Gaussian


This guide introduces the basic concepts and intuitions behind Bayesian Optimization with Gaussian Processes.

This technology aims to make optimization efficient for industries where processes are complex, expensive to explore, and require constant tuning due to changing environmental conditions.



Mind Foundry

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One of the key technologies powering the Mind Foundry platform is Bayesian optimization, an approach to automatically, intelligently, and efficiently search a space of parameter configurations for the best solution to a given problem. This technology allows you to incorporate and exploit human domain expertise for the experiments/processes in hand, along with giving you the flexibility to optimise the specification to meet the target problem.

Bayesian optimization enhances Human-AI collaboration by offering the ability of managing risk in decision making, estimating the uncertainty of a prediction and being able to integrate prior knowledge into an AI solution.




What you'll learn in this guide

  • Global optimization
  • Mind Foundry's unique approach to Bayesian optimization
  • Use cases for the technology
  • Gaussian processes
  • Operationalizing Bayesian optimization with the Mind Foundry Platform

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